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As of July 25, 2005, this site is home to 119,086 web pages describing 44,422 plants and 74,664 animals, 63,033 photos taken by 1,367 photographers, 125 tattoo ideas,356 sound recordings, and definitions of 15,582 terms.

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Recent Animal updates: Camiguin Narrow-mouthed FrogSpiny Tree FrogMaldonada Redbelly ToadPhilippine Discoglossid Frog/ Philippine Flat-headed FrogWestern Nimba ToadCape Clawed ToadIsarog Forest FrogPalawan ToadletFlea-frogNorthern Tinker FrogKroombit Tinker FrogEungella Tinker FrogEungella Day FrogMt Glorious Day FrogSharp Snouted Day FrogSeychelle Islands Tree FrogSomuncura FrogEungella Gastric-brooding FrogConondale Gastric-brooding FrogAlexandria ToadletMarbled ToadletSulu FrogPyrenean FrogTlaloc's Leopard FrogYavapai Leopard FrogRamsey Canyon Leopard FrogOregon Spotted FrogRelict Leopard FrogMountain Yellow-legged Frog/ Florida Bog FrogCascades FrogFoothill Yellow-legged FrogOtton FrogIshikawa's FrogHolst's FrogItalian Agile FrogVegas Valley Leopard Frog/ Las Vegas Leopard FrogSeychelles FrogGardiner's Seychelles FrogRed-crowned ToadletCorroboree FrogBibron’s ToadletMt. Data Forest FrogRabor's Forest FrogPolillo Forest FrogPanay Forest FrogNegros Forest FrogBaw Baw FrogSmooth-skinned Forest FrogHazel's Forest FrogHorned Forest FrogBanahao Forest FrogNegros Cave FrogIsland Forest FrogFiji Ground FrogDarwin's FrogCommon SpadefootMalabar Tree ToadGaro Hill Tree ToadThomasset's Seychelles FrogRecent Plant updates: Humboldt's Lily/ San Diego Tiger Lily/ Fairchild's Lily/ Ocellated Humboldt Lily Wright's Trichocoronis Southern California Black Walnut Slender-horned Spineflower Rainbow Manzanita Little Mousetail Fish's milkwort Coulter's matilija poppy Seaside Alder Santa Ana River Woolly-star Parish's Eryngo/ San Diego Button-celery/ San Diego Button Celery San Jacinto Mountains Bedstraw California Bedstraw/ San Jacinto Bedstraw Palmer Grapplinghook/ Palmer's Grapplinghook/ Palmer Grappling Hook Beautiful Hulsea Jaeger's Milkvetch San Jacinto Valley Crownscale Davidson's Bractscale/ Davidson's Saltbush Munz's Mariposa Lily Weed's Mariposa Lily/ Intermediate Mariposa San Bernardino Spineflower/ Parry's Spineflower Green Pitcher Plant/ Green Pitcher-plant/ Green Pitcherplant Kral's Water Plantain/ Kral's Water-plantain/ Little River Arrowhead Bunched Arrowhead Cliff Cinquefoil California Penstemon/ California Beardtongue Engelmann Oak Shollies California Orcutt Grass California Muhly Spreading Navarretia/ Ditch Navarretia Palomar Monkeyflower Hall's Monardella Douglas' Silverpuffs Parish's Meadowfoam Santa Ana Pitchersage/ Heart Shaped Pitcher Sage/ Heart-leaved pitcher sage Lemon Lily Bobtail Barley/ Vernal Barley Wand Tarbush/ Graceful Tarplant Shaggyhair Alumroot/ Shaggy-hair Alumroot Common Tarweed/ Spikeweed/ Smooth Tarweed/ Smooth Tarplant Mojave Tarweed/ Mohave Tarplant Coulter's Goldfields Cory Ephedra/ Cory's Jointfir/ Navajo Mormon Tea/ Cory's Mormon-tea Arizona Ephedra/ Arizona Jointfir/ Desert Mormon Tea/ Nevada Mormon-tea Death Valley Ephedra/ Death Valley Jointfir/ Funera Mormon Tea/ Death Valley Mormon-tea Sticky Liveforever/ Sticky Dudleya/ Sticky-leaved Dudleya Cleveland's Bush Monkeyflower Manystem Liveforever/ Many-stemmed Dudleya Monterey Cypress Gowen Cypress Modoc Cypress Gray Bindweed/ Texas Bindweed/ Small-Flowered Morning Glory San Miguel Calamint Ramona Spineflower/ Peninsular Spineflower Prostrate Spineflower California Spineflower/ California Mucronea Vail Lake Ceanothus Payson's Wild Cabbage/ Payson's Caulanthus/ Payson's Jewelflower

LifeList tracks the plants and animals you've seen, where you've seen them, and when you've seen them. You'll find an "Update My LifeList" option at the bottom of pages. All you need do is register before using it.

Quiz is now here in beta, with more to come. Test your skill matching the bird, mammal, fish, or amphibian with the sounds it makes. Quiz also includes a dozen interactive crossword puzzles that will challenge and build your vocabulary. Future versions will allow you to practice your species identification skills and learn interesting facts about plants and animals.

Key: The Beta version of Key is now ready for you to try. For any plant or animal that you want to identify, simply click the Key button on the top of any page, and work your way through Kingdom, Phylum/Division, Class, Order, and Family. When you decide what Family your species belongs to, you will see a list of species. For those species in your neighborhood, you will see this icon next to the species name. Users of Key must register, so that Key knows what species to identify as "local". This beta version is functional, but will be improved with additional text and photos in the coming weeks.

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