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The Concept

Public interest in plants and animals is not boundless. We are all busy, and easily distracted. We all have many priorites, and identifying a plant or animal, or learning more about one, is something we cannot all find much time for.

What we need is something that can make such identification and learning quick, easy, and rewarding.

Books are always the result of immense quantities of hard work and good intentions. Books on wildlife reflect this, and most are beautiful, delightful, and informative. But books do not serve us as well as we might wish...

The Internet is terrific, and getting better. But we could wish for improvements in many of the existing sites.

Neither books nor the Internet care where you were when you spotted some plant or animal. So your effort to identify something can lead you through a maze of species that have never been within 1,000 miles of your observation point. Zipcode Zoo can use your zipcode to key a plant or animal, helping you sort through the possibilities and quickly focus on "most likely".

Few internet sites have special features designed to teach. They don't try to prevent learning, but don't do enough to enable it. Example: a web site could present flash cards, and help a user learn to match names with pictures, identify teeth, bones, nests, coloration... Zipcode Zoo offers such features.

Behind the Scenes

Zipcode Zoo is a project of the BayScience Foundation. If you have suggestions for what we should be doing, please write.


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