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Overview provides text, photos, and maps for 173,245 taxonomic groups.

This is the home for taxonomic information on all living things, from Domain to Genus. provides text, photos, and maps for 173,245 taxonomic groups, from Domain, Kingdom, Subkingdom, Branch, Infrakingdom, Superphylum, Phylum, Subphylum, Infraphylum, Superclass, Series, Class, Subclass, Infraclass, Superlegion, Legion, Sublegion, Infralegion, Supercohort, Cohort, Magnorder, Superorder, Grandorder, Mirorder, Order, Suborder, Infraorder, Parvorder, Superfamily, Family, Subfamily, Tribe, Subtribe, Alliance, down to Genus.

Our Key system will help you decide what plant or animal you have seen. It works like "20 questions"... Is it a plant or animal? If an animal, is it a chordate? a mollusc? ... and so on. Along the way, you will see representative pictures of each of your choices. You will have easy access to definitions of terms. You always have a chance to go back, if you change your mind on a previous answer. And you'll be able to click on pictures and links to learn more.


Animalia · Archaea · Bacteria · Chromista · Fungi · Plantae · Protozoa · Viruses

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