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Bird Finder

Use Bird Finder to find one or more birds that match some set of characteristics of interest.

BirdFinder's database currently includes 102,204 attributes for 4,753 of the 47,531 birds on this site.

You might use it to help identify a bird you have seen in your backyard.

The database is extremely incomplete, particularly for birds not found in North, South, or Central America, and there will always be other birds that also match your specs. The fewer specs you provide, the more birds this tool will find for you. For a look at how we match color names with colors themselves, click here.

Show me birds with these characteristics:



Use decimal degree values, negative for West and South

Found within miles kilometers of Lat. and Long.

Resolution is about 50mi / 80km only. To find the latitude and longitude of your US City, click here

Ignore Location (do not report occurrence counts)

Flight pattern: Wing beat rate: Wing beat rate variability:
Stroke length:    

Component Colors...
color 1 part 1
color 2 part 2
color 2 part 2

To find all birds in the area defined in Proximity (above) which have brown bodies, choose "Brown" for color 1, "Body" for part 1. Results are sorted with most likely sightings at the top.

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