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Butterfly Finder

Find Butterflies and Moths by Proximity, Family, Colors, Life Stage and Orientation

Use this tool to find butterflies and moths that match some set of characteristics of interest. You might use it to help identify a butterfly you have seen.

ButterflyFinder's database currently includes lookup info and photos for only 2,308 different butterflies, skippers, and moths of the 271,314 on this site. The database is still under development, and extremely incomplete. The fewer specs you provide, the more Lepidopterans this tool will find for you.

Show me butterflies and moths with these characteristics:

found within± degrees of Lat. and Long.
Hints: To disregard proximity, enter 360  for the 'within degrees' field above.
Use decimal degree values, negative for West and South. One degree is about 690 miles at the equator.
To find the latitude and longitude of your US City, click here
If your list comes out too short, increase the value in the degree field.


List major colors of this butterfly. Separate each color with a comma. Example: Blue, Green, Brown
Life Stage...
Side (Adult)...

DamageOnly refers to photos of, e.g., plant damage caused by this butterfly/moth. Usually applies only to caterpillars.

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