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Plant Finder

Use Plant Finder to find one or more plants that match some set of characteristics of interest. You might use it to find a plant for your garden, or to help identify a plant you have seen.

Find any of 209,411 plants matching any of 21 criteria.

PlantFinder's database currently includes 1,555,827 attributes for 209,411 of the 1,105,405 plants on this site. Big numbers, but our database is incomplete (VERY incomplete for leaf shape, margin, and venation), and there will always be other plants that also match your specs. The fewer specs you provide, the more plants this tool will find for you.

For definitions of any of these terms, click the term: AnnualBiennialEvergreenDeciduous Forb/Herb Full ShadeFull SunGraminoid • LichenousLianaNonVascularPerennialShrubSubShrub • TreeVine

For illustrated definitions of leaf shape, margin, and venation, click here.

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Special Qualities...
Deer resistant Salt tolerant Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies
Drought tolerant Heat tolerant Fragrant
Smog tolerant Humidity tolerant  

Evergreen/Deciduous: Flower color: Duration:
Habit: Bloom period:  

Leaf Morphology...
Leaf Shape: Leaf Margin: Leaf Venation:

Sunlight: USDA Hardiness Zone: Growth Rate:
Minimum pH: Maximum pH:   

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