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Ideas for ZipcodeZoo Rangers

The Ranger Code

I vow to study, learn, and grow in my knowledge of nature, always to ask questions and sometimes to challenge answers. I will treasure and protect the natural world, remembering to treat its plants and animals with kindness. Above all, I promise to work to ensure that all living things and the environment in which they dwell will have a safe and healthy future.

ZipcodeZoo Rangers are young naturalists who value our wild heritage, and are determined to help preserve and strengthen it.

We follow the Ranger Code, and explore, learn, and to act to improve the environment.

We care about all living things, and appreciate the complexity, beauty, and wonder of natural systems. We are looking for more members.

Join the Rangers

Click here to fill in a simple form to join the ZipcodeZoo Rangers. After you have filled in this form, you may print your Membership Certificate.

Listen to a Podcast from Ask a Biologist

ZipcodeZoo has added podcasts from Ask a Biologist under a new Multimedia menu item. These podcasts are especially designed for preK-12, their teachers, and their parents. In the podcasts, Dr. Biology interviews many of the biologists that are discovering new worlds and exploring new frontiers in biology. For full information, content info, and transcripts - or to download or subscribe to any of these podcasts, please visit the Ask A Biologist website.

Upload some photos and info, to identify a plant or critter you've seen.

If you have one or more good photos of a plant or animal, and want some help identifying what you've seen, you've come to the right place! Provide our Critter Identification forum with clues about what you've seen, including one or more photos. Our team of experts from around the world will work at helping you identify the critter.

You can explore the Critter ID Forum without registering on it, by visiting here.

For some guidelines on taking better photos, click here.

Learn about Your Neighborhood with your Custom Home Page

Your Personal Home Page is on the "My Home" tab, below the first 3 slideshows at http://ZipcodeZoo/.

On our home page at, click on the "My Home" tab.

Everyone will see info on invasive species, species that are threatened, and all species that live in this area.

Visitors from the U.S. will also see zipcode demographics, local attractions for naturalists, and the local weather.

If your custom home page doesn't correctly guess where you live, correct the info here.

Upload a photo directly to a Critter Page, if you know what the critter is.

All pages which present information about a plant or animal include a button on the bottom to "Upload an Image". If you have a photo that is positively the plant or animal shown on that page, a click will take you to a simple form, where you can upload a photo you've taken, and get that photo posted on this page in ZipcodeZoo.

Add info to a Critter Page.

If you've been studying a plant or animal, and have learned something interesting about it, share what you know with our other users. Go to that critter's page, and click the "Edit this Page" button at the bottom. You can then make changes in an online page editor. Such changes are reviewed, usually within minutes, a revised page is posted, and you are notified by email of this.

Learn about the Future of the Planet with The 2050 Project

The mission of The 2050 Project is to provide accurate, useful, long-range forecasts and information about the future of the planet. Our favored forecast interval is to 2050 and beyond, because we believe that shorter-range forecasts cannot portray the magnitude of our impending problems, and thus can only guide half-steps toward solution.